Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Swiffie Re-usable Pads!!

Don't want to "get in trouble" for using the real name! LOL

I found the following patterns online & decided to try them:

Knit Pattern Link:

My finished Pad:
Scrub side:

Top Side:

I added extra stitches to mine because it looked too small.  OOPS! LOL  It will shrink some in the wash & should be fine!

Crochet Pattern Link:

My Finished Pad:


I ran out of the yarn color I was using, so the flap is a different color, but it is ok, The floor doesn't mind! LOL

I like the way they both work!  They have good texture for scrubbing if there's a sticky spot.  I will be making more!  They work up really fast.  :)

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